desk showing tea, glasses and a notebook

Nearly 3 million women left the workforce over the past year. 3 MILLION.

I was one of them.

Leaving the workforce during the pandemic was not an easy decision. But in November 2020, after months of sporadic crying sessions and a few weekends of near breakdowns I was done.

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in January, and it was a nonstop ride of learning about cancer, what we could do, scheduling appointments, driving to appointments, helping her deal with the pain and confusion, and more. For those of you who have had to deal with a serious illness during the damn pandemic when things were shut down, I feel your pain. If anyone had to deal with the Department of Veterans Affairs during this time, we should form a support group.

My corporate role was nonstop and I felt the need to always be on. They were supportive though; I have to say. I adjusted my hours so I could take my mom to her appointments, lugging my laptop with me, and continued to work in the afternoons after we returned home.

Unlike many women my age, early 40’s, I don’t have children but am a primary caregiver for my mother who, even before the cancer diagnosis, had health issues.

We have to remember that nearly all women have been impacted by the pandemic in some way. The mothers, the caregivers, the wives, the sisters, the friends. The women who had to deal with their own well-being (which we so often put last, don’t we?). We’re usually the default heroes who swoop in when something goes amiss and hunny, did we swoop.

And then we fucking crashed.

Emotionally drained. Physically drained. Exhausted.

I had to take a good 2 months just to recoup.

And that’s ok. If you’re wondering if you really can just take time for yourself and DO NOTHING? You can. Sometimes that’s the best thing for you.

Without shame. Without guilt. Without feeling that you should be doing something.

It’s okay to take a damn break and focus on yourself.

Oh, and my mom is currently cancer free. Woot! The ordeal started on January 3 and her last bout of radiation was on December 22. Yes. It took a FULL YEAR. But she’s recovering, getting stronger, and planning all the fun things she wants to do when the world fully opens again.

So am I.

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