Hey there!

Is it possible to be a semi-social introvert? Or a nerdy black woman who loves technology? Or a loving cat mom who now wants a Golden Retriever? Or a creative, book loving girl who's slightly obsessed with candles?

I believe we aren’t just one thing, we’re many. We aren’t defined by others or labels. We are all complex individuals with our own goals and dreams. And most of us have a really good business idea, we just need a little push to get it started.

Consider me your push.

I’m an entrepreneur and marketing veteran. I’ve created, executed and analyzed hundreds of multi-touch marketing campaigns for a variety of companies, boosting their engagement rates, their conversions and their revenue. I’ve spent years at tech giants like Facebook focused on the small and medium-sized business market. And on the other end of the spectrum, I’ve helped expand start-ups with big ideas. I’ve also launched and managed my own companies – some as a hobby, some for profit.

Needless to say, I’m passionate about business growth. Especially for women-owned businesses. These are the companies that serve as the backbone of our economy, and we need more of them!

So, if you’re ready to solidify your entrepreneurial idea, taking that leap toward financial freedom, and you’re ready to do it with a fellow entrepreneur, self-proclaimed data nerd, passionate and proven marketing expert by your side… well let’s get started!

”Laquel provided the perfect balance of support, with a much-needed nudge, to finally get my business going. Her expertise is eclipsed only by her passion for helping other entrepreneurs, and she was by my side from securing my domain to drafting my first client proposal. Without question, she’s the expert every woman who has a big dream of launching a small business needs by her side.”